MOS 24 Motorways of the sea

Every single day millions of tons of goods are transported throughout Europe. From ports or production plants to final destination on trucks, trains or barges, crossing rivers and mountains, cities and seas.
The goods are often shifted fro m ship to train, from barges to trucks generating not only an increase of costs for producers and final users but also risks in terms of safety, road congestion and additional pollution.
How can we minimize also these risks? How can we cut down costs for consumers and shippers? Tracing the best possible route in terms of reduced changes of transport mode could certainly help to minimize safety risks, protect the environment, reduce cost for transporters and consumers. In this perspective MoS 24 can certainly be a useful tool.

MoS 24 is a Pilot Action whose main objective is to enhance the strategic role of the Corridor 24 (Railway axis Lyon/Genova-Basel-Duisburg-Rotterdam/Antwerpen) of TEN-T network, as main gate to Europe for the traffic of goods transported via the Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea (MedMos).

MoS 24 goal is to create a “unique ICT multimodal Corridor between Northern and Southern Europe” by connecting virtually the Corridor 24 with MedMoS.

The Action will analyze the bi-directional transfer of goods from central Europe to Med Countries and to Med ports through the combination of PP24 and the network of MoS, which interconnect to each-other through the Ligurian-French Port system.

The Action aims at reinforcing the link between infrastructure and services along the Corridor 24 and its extension to MedMoS, by meeting the needs and requirements of the transport market demand with regard to transport related ICT services. The action will also establish and promote the single window services, according to the requirement of the Directive 2010/65/Eu on Reporting Formalities.

The Pilot Action will develop the demonstrator of an interoperability platform (MoS24) for interconnecting existing ICT modules and making them interoperable, and will deliver a service to users through the virtual MoS24 Co-modality Promotion Centre. MOS24 CPC aims at giving a significant example of multimodal ICT services offered to the transport community.


The implementation of the MoS24 Demonstrator will help the achievement of multimodality in short term, by employing ICT systems for removing obstacles and facilitate combining different transport modes in an efficient way, as well as integrating ports with their hinterland and inland terminals. It will furthermore help promoting and disseminating ICT practices among transport operators. The demonstrator will be applied to an important MOS link, which will be identified among those existing and departing from the Port of Genoa and/or Ligurian/French ports, thanks to the active involvement of the Stakeholders. The use of a concrete operational model, in which the Demonstrator services and the dissemination policy will be inserted, will pave the way for the implementation of the Action’s results after its completion.

The action will be carried out in three main phases: 1.analysis of the demand along the corridor; of existing subsystems and missing links, followed by the development and testing of a middle-ware; 3.the pilot demonstrator, consisting of the virtual CPC for the Southern Gateway.

The MoS24 Project will closely work with MIELE project, fostering synergies between the Med ICT projects, to avoid duplications and optimize the results. The project will moreover remain open to cooperate with other ICT and e-freight actions.